Moving Waves of Grain

The United States is the world’s top grain producer and getting all that grain to market is no easy task. Changes in production patterns due to weather, exchange rates and global competition result in a highly complex grain market that requires nimble and cost-effective transportation options.

In spite of these variables, every year during harvest season, farmers and shippers rely upon freight railroads to efficiently carry 1.5 million carloads of grain to customers across the country.

In places like Kokomo, Indiana, freight railroads are enhancing efficiency and productivity through infrastructure and equipment investment, better customer coordination, new communications tools and streamlined operations. Railroads are also incentivizing customers, like Kokomo Grain, to install “unit train” loading capabilities, which allow the companies to quickly and easily load an entire freight train with grain. This highly-efficient train service produces significant time and cost savings for both railroads and customers, and allows freight rail to transport more grain than ever before.

Explore the infographic below to see just how much America’s farmers rely on freight rail to remain competitive in the global economy.

What Fits in a Railcar_Agriculture_Final_WEB

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